Grodzisk Wielkopolski

Automatic weighing and packing line in a feed and seed warehouse

Grodzisk Wielkopolski

Below you can see an automatic weighing and packing line with a single-thread sewing head and an automatic bag infeed as well as a horizontal conveyor, a bag reversing system, a rising conveyor and a roller conveyor. The task was to integrate our weighing and packaging system with peripheral devices, i.e. tanks located outside the building, from which the product was to be directly transported to the weighing hopper. As you can see, we found a perfect solution and the installation was successfully launched in fall 2021.

In 2018 and again in 2021 we became the laureate of the 18th and 22nd edition of the prestigious “Gazele Biznesu” ranking conducted by the editors of the PULS BIZNESU daily. This distinction is awarded to the most dynamically developing small and medium-size enterprises.


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