We adjust the weighing and packing systems offered by our company to individual customer requirements and the specifics of the packed product. The possibility of configuration in various variants of the level of automation – from manual systems, through semi-automatic machines, to fully automated, maintenance-free lines. The modularity of the devices allows for any configuration of the equipment and gives the possibility of future expansion. The components we use are of the highest world quality and technology level.

Durability and failure-free operation, even in difficult working conditions, are the main advantages of our lines.

Depending on the:

  • desired capacity – weighing and packaging lines can be equipped with any weighing system (gross, net)
  • characteristics of the packed product – the weighing and packaging machines use an appropriate product feeding system (screw, belt, pneumatic, gravity)
  • bags or foil used – the line is completed with appropriate packing machines, including open and valve bags, flat foil or sleeve foil
  • the desired degree of automation – automatic packing machines can be used, in which the machine feeds the bags on the balance mouthpiece, or semi-automatic, where these operations are performed by the operator.
  • the desired method of closing the bag, if required – the lines use sewing machines, heat sealers or sealers

Weighing and packing systems can be supplemented with peripheral devices, such as checkweighers, detectors, tanks, conveyors, labelers and printers.

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