Palletizer for bags with pellets


What is the impact of palletizing on production efficiency? At ALIMA PACK, we know the answer! Thanks to the courtesy of one of our clients, we can reveal the secret based on the numbers … Before the installation of the Cartesian palletiser, the packing room relied on 4 people working in a two-shift system from Monday to Saturday. In record months, the client was able to pack and palletize 500 tons of goods per month. The situation is much better now! In the same month, the company managed to pack and palletize nearly 700 tons of goods per month, while reducing the service to two people, working in a two-shift system and without Saturdays. This is an increase in efficiency by nearly 40% while optimizing production costs.

In 2018 and again in 2021 we became the laureate of the 18th and 22nd edition of the prestigious “Gazele Biznesu” ranking conducted by the editors of the PULS BIZNESU daily. This distinction is awarded to the most dynamically developing small and medium-size enterprises.


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