Modernization of the sewing system in plant breeding


In Muszkowice in Dolnośląskie Province, we had the opportunity to modernize the sewing system. The work consisted in adapting the existing FISCHBEIN 100 double-thread head (which until now was operated manually – the operator manually inserted the bag under the sewing) to a completely new device – ALIMA AUTOMATIC SEWING SYSTEM WITH BAG INFEED. Taking into account the fact of a completely different work culture with the automatic sewing machine, we managed to achieve better efficiency and ergonomics of the workplace. There is no need for an employee to control / follow the bag during the sewing process, which increases the efficiency of work in this position.

In 2018 and again in 2021 we became the laureate of the 18th and 22nd edition of the prestigious “Gazele Biznesu” ranking conducted by the editors of the PULS BIZNESU daily. This distinction is awarded to the most dynamically developing small and medium-size enterprises.


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