Our mixers for loose products (granules, powders, flakes, grains) are extremely versatile and perfect for mixing various products such as:
  • Food industry: Mixers are indispensable in the food industry for preparing spice blends, bakery mixes, creams, confectionery mixtures, as well as other loose products such as flour, sugar, cocoa, or coffee. Mixers ensure even distribution of ingredients, resulting in consistent taste and aroma of the finished products.
  • Dairy industry: Mixers are used for precise mixing of different types of milk, whey, and other loose dairy and plant-based products based on coconut or palm oil to achieve a uniform consistency and even distribution of components. This allows for the creation of blends with desired fat, protein, and other nutritional content.
  • Chemical industry: Mixers are widely used in the chemical industry for mixing pigments, dyes, dried chemicals, fertilizers, adhesives, or other loose substances. They ensure precise blending of chemical ingredients, which is crucial for the quality of the final products.
  • Fertilizer blends: Mixers are essential in fertilizer production as they allow for precise mixing of nutrient components such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the appropriate proportions. This enables the preparation of effective and balanced fertilizers for agricultural crops.
  • Dye blends: In the dyeing and printing industry, mixers are used to blend different pigments and dyes to achieve desired shades and color intensities.


In our offer, we have mixers and complete mixing and conveying installations for handling loose materials with various operating parameters and applications.

Mixers and mixing installations are designed to prepare blends of diverse components to achieve a product with a homogeneous structure.

Our specialists select suitable solutions based on the application, properties, and specificities of the components, required performance, considering the necessary recipes, batch sizes, and the level of automation for the entire process.

Our offer includes both individual devices and complete automatic mixing installations, starting from the unloading stations for big bags and other bags, through mixers, conveying devices, tanks, sieves, and ending with packaging lines for bags and big bags.

It is possible to manage the operation of the installations by manually starting individual components or selecting a specific program that will automatically activate the devices at the appropriate time and carry out the programmed procedures.



  • Mixing precision
  • Adjustment of mixing parameters
  • Efficiency and time savings
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Flexibility in proposed solutions
  • Comprehensive project approach
  • Consultancy, engineering support, service, and modern technologies
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